The Golden Jubilee Will Celebrate 50 Years of Vaulting

Come one come all and celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the AVA: We are 50 years strong. Our organization has progressed from a small pocket of generalized local interest to our current levels of success in bringing home medals from all levels of international competition to the spread of our beloved sport across the United States as well as bringing vaulting to both of our neighboring countries to the North and to the South. These great accomplishments could not have been possible with out the enduring passion and dedicated work by many individuals both human and equine.

At Nationals 2018 we will have an event on Saturday night which includes Vaulting Under the Stars (Gold, A-Teams, Open PDD classes). This will be a VIP evening. We will be honoring our horses, past presidents, founding fathers, retired judges and other special awards. 

We are having family fun events on Sunday with a quadrille show, vaulting with 3-4 generations of vaulters and a try vaulting (after competition ends on Sunday).

We will be having a Hats Off to Marianne - hat contest during the Parade of Horses on Friday night, along with our Youth Council putting on a Vaulting through the Decades fashion show.  ​​


  • Donations will go to help pay for special awards, horse neck ribbons (for every horse that enters Nationals) The Pillars of Strength/Equine Cornerstone of Support special handmade plaques, special desserts for everyone and decorations. 

  • We need funding for our Banners of Vaulting through the Decades, which were showcased at the Symposium 2018. 

Help nominate, recognize, and celebrate individuals who have had a significant impact on the history of the AVA.

To nominate a candidate or self-nominate for one of the three categories of recognition please print and fill out a nomination form (see links below) and return by mail to Kelley Holly, 1 Liberty Rd., Petaluma CA 94952, postmarked no later March 23rd, 2018,

or by email to Jill Hobby at no later than April 1st 2018.  

For questions or further clarification please contact Kelley Holly or Jill Hobby. Nominations will be reviewed and Awardees will be notified of their selection no later than May 15, 2018.  Awardees will be asked to provide a photo, and a brief bio for the awards ceremony at Nationals 2018.

Hall of Fame-Pillars of Support Nomination Form
Pillars of Strength Nomination Form
Equine Pillars of Support Nomination Form

We will be having a Celebration Wrap Up event at the

Las Vegas Education Symposium in 2019.